What does it do?
The Glass’s Dealer Directory is a free product that lists franchised dealers in the UK. As a franchised dealership you are able to access and edit you listing in order to showcase your business to consumers who are in the buying process. Your listing can be personalised by adding a description of your dealership, a picture, a logo as well as opening hours, contact details and specialist services.
Who is it aimed at?
At present the Glass’s Dealer Directory is aimed at all UK franchised dealers. If you are an independent dealer and wish to register interest in having your own listing, you can do so at the bottom of this page.
Why do I need it?
• Increase your visibility to a targeted audience
• Ability to generate leads to your dealership
• Benefit from Glass’s brand recognition
• The listing is free of charge
How does it look?
Key Features:
• Display a large amount of information
• Full personalisation
• Ability to edit your listing at any time and as many times as you want
• Clickable map for easy location of your dealership
• Contact form for customers to send enquiries
Why Glass’s Dealer Directory?
The Glass’s Dealer Directory is not your everyday generic business listing. Millions of customers are expected to visit our consumer website while in the process of buying or selling their car. This enables you to reach a more targeted online audience at a key time in their decision process.
Are you an independent dealership? Register your interest today to get added to Glass’s Dealer Directory in 2012